"cold war"- written by: kenny frederico

Imagine if the stars went blur & the moon fell into darkness.
If the sun was to never wake again, would we still let the night arrest us?
Would we still gaze into the silver rays, hoping & praying to find a light within
a soul we visually created.
A soul that doesn’t exist.
Or maybe it’s the soul of a stranger.
Could we come into their picture perfect lives & expect them to paint it all different colors? …how?
To share a dream of falling in love with someone only to find out they had already been dreaming it alone.
If the waves of sadness suddenly began crashing, Who would save me from drowning in your ocean?
Washed up reflections.
Could this be the demise of the world’s conception?
They say the first cut is the deepest & now I’m bleeding. The blood will drip until my heart stops beating.
He could be crying but is he crying for me?
His heart may be broken but does it bleed?
Every moment of our existence leaves me free from everything.
Still open to everything, yet attached to nothing.
Nothing in this world belongs to you.
Why search anymore?
Cause in the end,
everything must go.